Boy Scout Troop 586

Leadership Development Workshops

Sundays – November 15,22,29

6pm to 7:30pm

Adams United Methodist Church


You are invited to participate in a unique opportunity to have fun while learning new skills and become a stronger member of our group. If you want to be a part of something fun and important, attend these workshops!


These workshops will:

●Build your leadership skills helping you be a stronger leader on you sports teams, a better leader on student government, more involved in the leadership of your clubs and school activities.

●Give you ideas and ways to build better friendships and be more helpful to your family.

●Allow you to have fun learning things that may help you perform better in the classroom.

●Understand how Boy Scout Troops work.

●Give you the information you need to do a good job in the different positions in a boy scout troop.

●Understand what “Boy Led Troop” means.

●Know how to help your friends in the Troop do well in their leadership positions.


Scouts who complete all three sessions will receive the “Trained” patch which is worn on your official uniform. This signifies to other scouts and leaders that you are a member of our team and are able to help make your scout team a success!


Drinks and snacks will be provided at each session. 



In order to participate you must fill out the form below and return to Mr. Matteson by October 27!!!

I plan to participate in the November 15, 22, 29 training sessions from 6 to 7:30pm at Adams United Methodist Church.

Scouts Name:____________________________ email address___________________________


Parents Name:___________________________ email address___________________________

Contact phone number ____________________________

I understand that I am making a promise to attend all three training sessions and will call Mr. Matteson 24hrs ahead if I cannot attend


Scout’s signature________________________ parent’s signature_______________________