Show and Sell Schedule for Popcorn Sales


Fastrac Arsenal St location

9/4/2014             5pm to 7pm        Aidan and Logan

9/5/2014             5pm to 7pm        Nate and Codie

9/6/2014             12pm to 3pm      Kaedan R. and Codie

                          3pm to 6pm        Nick and Isaiah

9/11/2014           5pm to 7pm        Codie and Kaidon B.

9/12/2014           5pm to 7pm        Kaidon B. and Foster

9/13/2014           12pm to 3pm      Foster and Codie

                          3pm to 6pm        Kyler and Aidan

9/18/2014           5pm to 7pm        Kyler and __________

9/19/2014           5pm to 7pm        Isaiah and Aidan

9/20/2014           12pm to 3pm      Kaedan R. and Nate

                           3pm to 6pm        Gabe and Kyler


Watertown Savings Bank

9/5/2014             4pm to 5pm        Caleb and Kyler


Walmart Watertown Location

9/5/2014             5pm to 8pm        Andrew and Isaiah

9/13/2014           10am to 1pm      Aidan and Nick

                              1pm to 5pm        Nate and Logan

                              5pm to 8pm        Gabe and ___________


Salmon Run Mall

9/7/2014             12pm to 3pm      Nate and Nick

                              3pm to 6pm        Caleb and Kaidon B.

9/21/2014           12pm to 3pm      Caleb and Foster

                              3pm to 6pm        Foster and Caleb              

10/18/2014         10am to 2pm      Andrew and Isaiah

                              2pm to 5pm        Gabe and Kaidon

                              5pm to 9pm        Nick and Nate


Walmart Leray Location

9/12/2014           5pm to 8pm        Logan and Aidan


Sam’s Club Location

9/20/2014           2pm to 4pm        Logan and Foster

                              4pm to 7pm        Isaiah and Kaedon R


Octoberfest Thousand Islands Winery Location

10/4/2014           11am to 3pm      Gabe and Foster

                              3pm to 7pm        Andrew and Nate


Harvest Festival at Coyote Moon Winery Location

10/11/2018         11am to 3pm      Foster and Andrew

                              3pm to 7pm        Nate and Kaedon R