Resources for Scouts


Below you'll find information helpful to you as a member of Troop 586. If you don't find something here, let your Troop Webmaster know and we'll get it added. Boy Scouts NY

Boy Scouts NY
Boy Scouts NY
Other Important Scouting Links


1. National Scouting Website

2. Scout Activities

3. Cool Gear for Scouts!

4. Boy Scout Ceremonies

5. Where does this patch go on my uniform? info on how to properly put patches on scout uniform.

6. Merit Badge Information - Troop 586 has some Merit Badge pamphlets, others may be pruchased at the Scout Shop in Syracuse.

7. Boy Scout Advancement and Awards.


Boy Scouts NY
Videos and Other Information
1. Camping Gear Guide for New Scouts

2. 7 Essential Knots

3. Cool Scout Promotional Video

4. Summit Bechtel Reserve