Our Popcorn Sales Program.


Troop 586 participates in our Council's popcorn sales fundraiser through Trails-end popcorn. Selling delicious popcorn helps us raise funds to do all the fun things we do. Most important, the Troop has a program where we set aside 15% of a scouts sales for the scout to use to pay for our trips and approved camping gear a scout might need. Our Troop usually earns about 36% of the total amount of popcorn sold!  For 2014, our swcouts have set a goal of selling $20,000 in popcorn. There are a variety of ways we sell popcorn. Our popcorn chairman in 2014 is Mr. Matteson. 

Show and Sell

During Show and Sell events, scouts work together to sell popcorn to the public. Scouts still earn credit for their sales. The Troop tracks the total amount of popcorn sold and the total number of hours worked by scouts.  We divide the total amount sold by the total hours worked to determine a dollars per hour rate. Then we multiply each scouts number of hours worked by the rate per hour to determine the total amount earned for each scout.  

Online Sales

Scouts can also sell popcorn to friends and family through online sales at www.trails-end.com. Scouts can receive credit for popcorn sales online. Scouts can email or notify friends and family on social media sites, and ask for their support for the scouts activities with the Troop. The Scout should let people know to give the scout credit for the sale. The customer will need to know the scouts name, troop number (586) and Council name (longhouse). 

Take Order, Take and Sell

Each scout receives order forms from the Troop to sell popcorn to friends and family. Scouts may go door to door asking people to support our Troops events, such as camping, by ordering popcorn. Scouts always wear their uniform.  In November, scouts then deliver the popcorn to their customers.  Through Take and Sell, scouts are allowed to order popcorn ahead of time and deliver it as the popcorn is sold.  Scouts and their parents are responsible for the popcorn they have ordered.

Safety First

Selling popcorn is fun and scouts earn prizes, Troop shirts and jackets, credit towards Troop events and camping gear and even college scholarships. It is important for the scout to be safe selling popcorn.  1. Always sell with another scout or adult. 2. Never go in someone's house without your parent. 3. Never sell after dark. 4. Always wear your uniform 5. Watch for vehicles and other traffic. 6. Keep any money you've collected hidden. 7. Always be kind and courteous.