Show and Sell Sales Event Instructions


  • Please check in with Jay Matteson or Brian Thomas before the event to see if he needs someone to help transport popcorn to or from your event. Jay’s phone is 783-2251 and Brian’s is 408-8624 .

  • If your schedule changes and you absolutely cannot make your scheduled time, please contact us 24 hours ahead and let us know. We MUST sell rain or shine. 

  • SCOUTS MUST WEAR THEIR UNIFORM PLEASE! We do not want them trying to sell popcorn if they are not wearing their scout uniform.

  • Arrive at your event at least 10 or 15 minutes early. Adults may bring a chair to sit in.  SCOUTS SHOULD NOT BE SITTING, PLEASE. You may bring a drink and snack but please keep them off the sales table.  Dress for the weather, most of our locations are outdoors. We will try to have popup tents for you to set up to sell from.

  • Check in with the manager of whatever location you are selling at before setting up. Try to set up as close to the main doors as possible. The farther away you are from the doors the less sales you will achieve.

  • Set up your table with as much product on it as you can in a visually pleasing manner. The less product on display, the less you will catch the eye of the customer and slow them down so your scout can say hello.

  • You will have a cash box with change in it. We will try to have $25 in cash to start with.  Please count the change and write on your sales tracking sheet how much you started with. You can and should have the scouts count the money but we appreciate an adult double checking everything.

  • You must absolutely use the sales tracking sheet provided.  Please complete this form and be accurate in recording what is sold, donations received, and if a credit card is used, making a note of the sale amount in the credit card row at the bottom  of the sheet. Please, your diligence in completing this form accurately and making sure it stays in the three ring binder provided will save hours of volunteer time later on trying to figure out why our money or inventory is off.

  • Boxes of Cheese Lovers Popcorn – We will sell with the whole box for $30 or open the box and sell the individual bags for $15 each. Just make sure you note it on the sales sheet where indicated.

  • We take credit cards if you have a smart phone.  We provide the “Square” for you to run the card through. PLEASE BE SURE TO RECORD THE SALE IN THE CREDIT CARD ROW. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

  • Make sure to place the “sign” on the table that indicates who checks can be made out to etc.

  • All donations will be put into donations of popcorn to the military. This will make it easier for the boys to receive credit for the sale. Also, if someone is saying “no” to buying the popcorn, the boys can ask if the person wants to make a small donation to send popcorn to the military.

  • If you are running low on popcorn, please call Jay or Brian and let them know. 

  • Please don’t leave early without checking in with Jay or Brian.

On behalf of Troop 586, Thank You!  We are all volunteers working together to run a great scouting program for our sons.  Your help in this team effort is huge.  Remind your scouts to:

1. Smile!

2. Would you like to support our Boy Scout Troop and help us go camping next year?

3. We have delicious popcorn, 70% of the money stays with our local scouts!

4. Yes, we take credit cards!

5. If you don’t like popcorn we can help you send popcorn to our soldiers all over the world with a small donation. They like our popcorn!

6. Thank you for supporting Boy Scouts of America!